about us

Orchard Pet Cremations is a small family run business specialising in individual cremations only. Run by Richard and Sara Reeve, Orchard is a husband and wife team who understand the importance of family pets.

“Since children growing up, both of us have always had animals in our families, from hamsters to horses; and now as adults our furry friends are an essential part of our family. We currently have two dogs having lost our two cats”.

Being a practice manager at a veterinary surgery Richard often comes int0 contact with people who’s pets have lost their lives for a variety of reasons.

“One of the prime concerns for owners is what happens to their beloved family member after the vet has confirmed their passing. We wanted to be able to reassure every owner that their friend had been looked after and given the respect they deserved. The only way we felt we could do this was to offer the individual cremation service ourselves.”