“Keepsakes” are smaller return vessels which will usually only hold a token amount of your loved ones ashes. The remainder of the ashes will be returned to you in the form of a scatter tube (see scatter), unless another option has been chosen. The prices listed for “Keepsakes” do not include cremation. To calculate the full cost of cremation add the price of the keepsake to the cost of a Scatter Tube


pawprint heart urn

A contemporary turned metal urn in the shape of a heart with paw print design. The heart comes in two sizes, the smallest will only hold a small token amount of ash. The larger one will hold the ashes of a cat or very small dog. Prices below (excluding cremation):

  • Token £30.00

  • Small Heart £55.00

tribute heart

Solid oak heart with hidden recess for token ashes with space for photo or name plaque. Turn to open and close holds shut with magnetic fastening. These are suitable for engraving directly onto the heart for an additional cost.



memory bear

This beautiful soft bear gives you something to cuddle up to when you remember the lovely cuddles your beloved pet used to give you. With a specially designed zipped compartment in the back suitable for storing a small portion of ashes. A soft pouch is provided to give added protection to the ashes.