“Urns” are a popular traditional form of return vessel for ashes, often associated with the return of human ashes. We stock two different urn options - “Paw Print Urn” and “Serenity Urn”. For Cat Lovers, we also stock a ‘Sleeping Cat’ Urn. Again, these are purely our stocked items, if you would prefer something different, please ask and we would be happy to guide you through other options that are available to order.


Paw print urn

A contemporary turned metal urn with a paw print design. The first of two urns chosen to be a stock item at Orchard Pet Cremations. The paw print design makes it stand out as a pet only urn with a screw-on lid to ensure your friends ashes are safely housed inside. Prices below (includes cremation cost):

  • Cat/rabbit/small pet £165.00


  • £185.00 Sml 0-10kg

  • £195.00 Med 10-25kg

  • £240.00 Lrg 25-40kg

  • £270.00 Giant 40kg+

serenity urn

Contemporary glazed porcelain urn which Orchard Pet Cremations stock in white. The “Serenity” urn is also available in black and blue, these are available at a sightly higher price. All prices below are for “Serenity Urn” in white and include cremation cost:

  • £154.00 Cat/Rabbit/Small Pet


  • £164.00 Sml 0-10kg

  • £180.00 Med 10-25kg

  • £200.00 Lrg 25-40kg

  • £230.00 Giant 40kg+



Onyx urn

Available on special order is the tactile rounded natural onyx urn, which is turned and polished. Each urn is unique in colour and pattern. If you think this would be more suitable for your loved ones ashes, please let us know and we will be able to provide a price and order one.