It has become popular for owners to keep a part of their friend close to them at all times and we at Orchard Pet Cremations have the perfect range of jewellery for owners. We searched long and hard to find the right supplier who supplied quality goods to the standard our loved ones deserve.


Atlantis memorials - Ash Pendants

We are able to supply a range of pendants which can hold a token size of your loved ones ash to ensure they are with you always. Almost all Atlantis Memorials jewellery are handmade due to their specific details and shapes. These jewellery stand out for their perfect finish, which does not make it immediately obvious that they contain ashes. Another feature is that the jewellery is not fixed to the chain but rather strung through it, ensuring a long lifespan.
Atlantis Memorials jewellery are made from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver which means they contain at least 92.5% silver, the remaining 7.5% being a strengthening alloy.

All the jewellery pieces can be supplied in yellow or white gold, upon order. The lead time for gold jewellery is approximately 6 weeks.

The heart paw print pendant in the photo comes at a starting price of £130.80 (for the pendant on its own in silver)

Atlantis memorials - beads

From the Atlantis range we also supply these beautifully handcrafted beads which can fit most of the popular charm bracelets on the market. As with the pendants there is a wide range of choice and if this item is of interest to you let us know and we would be happy to take you through all the available options and costs.

Atlantis Memorial Bead.jpg


Loveurns range - pendants

The Treasure™-jewellery find their inspiration in the timeless designs of LoveUrns®. Every piece of jewellery will therefore be an extension of the well-known urn collection. These urns are also special order so if you would like a jewellery piece from this range you may want to find out which urn would match the piece.
Every piece of Treasure™ jewellery is made out of high-quality 925 Sterling Silver which means it contains at least 92.5% silver, the remaining 7.5% being a strengthening alloy. Some of the items in the range are further decorated with enamel or gilding, picking up on the decoration of their matching urn. The pendants can hold a symbolic amount of cremated remains.
The pendant will include a necklace, filling kit and a matching Treasure™ Box.